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You’ve taken care of a lot of general ed, now come and experience the FPU community and finish your degree at a university with a reputation for getting you a job once you graduate. Transfer-specific staff are here to ensure your admission to FPU goes as smoothly as possible.

Transfer Policy Update

As of Spring 2017, if you transfer to Fresno Pacific University from the California Community College system with an AA-T or AS-T, your lower division GE requirements will be fulfilled! If you have not yet completed either of those degrees, you can still submit your completed CSU-GE or IGETC-GE certification documents for review toward fulfilling GE requirements at FPU.

Note: Transfer coursework must still have a grade of C- or better for units to transfer. Completion of an AA-T, AS-T, CSU-GE Certification or IGETC-GE certification does not guarantee all coursework units will transfer to FPU. For further details, please speak to FPU's transfer admission counselor.

To see a list of Fresno Pacific University degrees that have been formally approved as "similar" to the corresponding Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) visit our ADT Pathways Page. Look for the programs marked "Daytime traditional" if you're interested in studying on the main campus.

Transfer guidelines

The following guidelines are used when considering transfer credit

  1. Courses are completed at a regionally or ABHE, ATS or TRACS accredited institution.
  2. Courses are baccalaureate-level courses.
  3. Student received a grade of C- or better.
  4. Courses/tests are not duplicate to credit already received.
  5. All GE and major courses must be taken for a letter grade, not a pass/fail.
  6. All course credit is evaluated according to transfer standards in effect at the time the official transcript is received at FPU.

* Transfer agreements are only a tool. Transfer work is not considered official until it has been evaluated by the FPU Registrar's Office.

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Admissions requirements

In order to be eligible for admission, complete these steps:

  1. Submit an application for admission
    1. Apply online
    2. Download a printable application
  2. Request official copies of your high school and college transcripts to be sent to FPU
  3. Complete the FAFSA in order to be eligible for government and institutional financial aid
  4. ZeeMee (Optional) We've partnered with this free service that helps you bring your application to life! Copy and paste your link into the online application. Sign up at

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Visit campus

Fresno Pacific University has a community aspect that must be experienced to be believed, so we highly encourage you to visit us. Schedule a visit and take a tour of the campus, grab a latte from the coffee shop, and get to know your counselor. Or join us for Transfer Talks which take place from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month (no sign-up required).

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Why FPU?

Why choose FPU? Find out what makes us stand out among all the choices out there.

Why FPU? 

Financial aid

We offer a variety of federal, state and private financial aid programs to assist students. More than 97 percent of FPU students receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships, loans, grants and many on-campus employment opportunities. Last year we awarded more than $29 million in financial aid, there are even scholarships just for transfer students!

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Get to know your fellow Sunbirds

Join your Incoming FPU Class Facebook page to connect with other future Sunbirds and stay in-the-know for all things FPU.

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Housing options

Fresno Pacific University offers a variety of housing options to students. From freshmen modules to upper-classmen houses, everyone can participate in FPU’s vibrant on-campus community.

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